Seating your guests was never so easy. If a unique and bold statement is what you’re after, use these gold trimmed over sized mirrors. Personal style can best be portrayed when the design is incorporated on a large reflective surface.

    Seating assignments, a “thank you” message to guests and monograms don’t always have to be printed on paper. Think outside of the box – on a mirror that is. Using white, simple lettering on the mirror paired with ornate design details can be the best option for event and wedding guests to easily read.

    Send us your seating assignments or mirror details and we’ll work with you to make sure the most intricate details for your event are well represented.

     Custom Mirror Options

    • Guest seating arrangments

    • Event/Wedding menu

    • Monograms

    • “Thank You” message to guests

    • Event graphics and designs

    Branded Barclay Dividers can be anything clients envision. Shown in the below photos in the more versatile ways, dividers can range from a simple message, to signage, to menus, to photography, backdrops and more.

    With more purposes than just room dividers, these Barclay Dividers serve as room decor that will stop anyone in their tracks. They are used to create height for a walkway or a room partition. Use multiple dividers hinged or in combination with towers and boxwood to create a multi-dimensional layout.

    Used in a variety of versatile ways, these dividers hold large acrylic panels in steel frames that can be customized to your liking. Include a pattern, create a photo collage or print your event or wedding menu on the 8-foot piece to draw in guests for that one-of-a-kind look.

     Custom Flooring Options

    • Way-finding signage

    • Event/wedding menu

    • Graphics/designs

    • Up light for illumination

    • Monograms

    • Photographic images

    Even boxwood bases and illuminated furniture pieces can be custom. Creating the most trendy of themes, include a design on each piece of greenery and illuminate it from the inside. Creating a soft glow in a variety of colors will transform the evening event into a creative masterpiece.

    Covering the bases of illuminated furniture truly transforms each piece with its own distinct style. Lighting in each furniture piece gives the option of a colorful glow

    This event branding option is perfect for added decor on the Nice and Prosecco Boxwood bases. Whether it’s a private event or a public gala, the illumination through custom printing gives an ambiance like no other. Our in-house design, printing and application team prides ourselves for full custom wraps on these complex pieces.

     Custom Flooring Options

    • Full cover edge-to-edge

    • Logos

    • Metallics

    • Monograms

    • Wedding Designs