Raise The Bar

RAISE THE BAR - FEBRUARY & MARCH ARE BAR MONTHS February is Bar Month, and that means all of our bars are being promoted as the hottest rental items for 2017. The bar frames are available in stainless steel silver and gold, and the acrylic panels are available for the top, sides, and front. These panels are available in white, black, silver mirrored and gold mirrored acrylic. Raise the Bar   Product of the Month Gold Framed Bar with Gold Mirrored Acrylic   LIT BARS Light the bar from the inside so it softly glows at your event. WEDDING BARS Add an engagement photo to your bar setup at your wedding to add your own personal touch. Or, add your wedding design or monogram to your bar...

Design Solution – How To: Brand Your Dance Floor

FLOOR WRAP Fully cover a dance floor in a seamless vinyl floor wrap to customize and transform the event space. Submit a print-ready file or our Marbella team can custom design the graphics for your event. PARTIAL WRAP Use the floor as part of the event design and incorporate a section of floor vinyl in the center as the focal point of the event. Partial wraps can be any shape, size and color - even metallics! DYE-CUT As the most popular and eye-catching of floor decals, use cut out vinyl in any color on the dance floor. Monograms, wedding dates, logos, names and wishful messages are some of the most popular.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

This large framed mirror stands proudly at 66-inches W x 90-inches H. Because of its size, any number of printed options are available for your holidays, birthdays, showers, parties, weddings galas and all occasions. The best way to make an impression with this mirror is to use white lettering and design as this color pops off of the mirror the best. It's an unconventional way of displaying messaging, which is what makes guests pay attention to this magnificent piece. The most popular use of the mirror is used as a table number card replacement. Instead of printing individual cards for each guest let your guests easily find their table from this over-sized escort mirror. Think outside of the box and display your message on the face of...