Marbella Event Furniture and Décor Rental is more than just a rental company. We have the capabilities to transform any event into a lasting experience with our high quality product, creative in-house design team and affordable solutions. Our goal is to be the leader in the event industry today while maintaining the best customer service and providing unmatched product selection to our clients.

    Servicing five states, Marbella is a unique rental company specializing in modular furniture, chateau and baroque furniture, event décor, and event branding to fill the gaps in the event industry allowing customers to customize events. Marbella is known for providing stylish and exclusive furniture and décor products to all types of customers.

    Learn more about our sister company, All Occasions Party Rental.

    We believe in the power of a unique and memorable event experience. Our mission is to provide exceptional quality, experience and service to create a once-in-a-lifetime event.

    With 35+ years of experience in the rental industry, the Brown family has recently expanded All Occasions Party Rental, a full-service event furniture and décor rental company by developing Marbella Event Furniture and Décor Rental.

    We value leadership in the form of striving to be better while helping others become better in the process. We value collaboration in a sense where all parts and pieces act as a unit to deliver amazing results. We value quality throughout all products and services that make up our company and finally we value passion. Passion to strive, passion to surpass and passion to succeed.

    We offer more than just amazing rentals. We provide diversity, skill, support and excellence to all clients for all occasions. Choose the company who understands the intricacies of your event.



    Our event specialists are equipped with the knowledge of the event industry today. Most of us have grown with our sister company, All Occasions Party Rental, and have been in the business for many years. Our specialists will play a vital role in your experience and can accommodate you with all the ins and outs of your event.


    The in-house design and marketing team will explore options you never thought were possible for your event. We can provide you with cutting-edge design trends and applications that are sure to excite and create an everlasting impression to you and your guests.


    If you’re a visual planner like ourselves, we can provide you with a total room layout for your next event. Since we are the foundation of events, we have the building blocks and knowledge for event production. We can create a CAD (computer aided design) based on our product placement and aesthetics to best suit your needs.


    Our integrity driven delivery and pick up team never ceases to amaze. We do our best to accommodate all time restrictions, after hours and emergency calls possible to help your event run as smooth as possible. Please ask your event specialists for delivery fees and charges.


    We know the industry, and we know a person onsite is a welcomed addition. We are capable of having an onsite creative director for events that call for special attention. We understand timelines and deadlines, and we expect nothing less than extraordinary when it’s time to open the doors when your guests arrive.

    View Our Latest Projects

    If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to here are some examples of our latest work. Check out our gallery for more inspiration for your event!