Design Solution – How To: Brand Your Bar


May_how-to-brand-your-event_04282016-3Incorporating branding into your wedding or event can be challenging. Especially when you’re starting with a blank slate. There are infinite ways to add your own personal design onto various surfaces to transform a room.

Learn the best ways to get the most WOW from your guests by incorporating designs on your bar fronts.

First, start with a bar. We have white, black and mirrored in various sizes: 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot.

Avenue 6' Bar White_small

Avenue 6' Bar Black_small

Avenue 6 Foot Bar Mirror Side_small

If a wedding monogram is what’s going on the napkins and invitations, then put it on the bar fronts! Do you have a monogram or font style for your wedding? Or maybe you need one designed? Let us incorporate your names on a bar front to truly customize your wedding and showcase your personal style.


An easy design solution, incorporate a repeated pattern for a simple yet elegant way to bring a consistent style into the event. Choose from 15 stock patterns available for custom color adjustments.


A large photo on several bars can bring events to life. Add color, crop, zoom or create a wedding photo collage along the fronts, sides and tops of your bars for a complete custom look.

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Build stronger brand identity with the company’s logo front and center in the room. Repeated logos and branding show strength and clear messaging at galas, meetings, conferences and fundraisers.